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Delta Kits’ professional-grade windshield repair resins provide unparalleled performance. Every proprietary formulation undergoes exhaustive laboratory and field testing to ensure our auto glass resins exceed industry standards. Independent auto glass repair and replacement professionals worldwide prefer Delta Kits resins over any other brand. Delta Kits sells more resin than any other windshield repair company in the United States. Not sure which resin is right for you? Check out the Delta Kits Resin Comparison Chart.

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What Windshield Repair Resin Should You Use?

Which resin is right for you?

Dennis C. February 17, 2022 Thank you for offering the thicker resins. Of course it works wonderfully. Dennis Craven / The Crack Cat / Wichita KS

Dennis C. February 17, 2022 Works wonderfully. A low viscosity resin should always be on hand when it is needed. No one documents their resins more throually that Delta Kits. Dennis Craven / The Crack Cat / Wichita KS

K. Caddell May 17, 2020 I recently left my job as an installer for a large company to do repairs only and the Magnibond is by far the best resin I have ever used.

J. Lopez May 5, 2020 The temperature in New Mexico varies daily but that's no problem for my Magnibond. It's works great every time!

E. Ambriz April 9, 2020 I don't know what's better... The 5 star customer service, fast delivery, or resin quality

Tyler T. January 5, 2019 The resin matches the optical clarity of the glass and works perfect every time

Alex F. February 4, 2018 The resin works fine on every type of break

Nick R. November 12, 2017 The clarity and quality of this product is one of the best that I have used. My customers are very pleased.

Jacob S. October 28, 2017 It fills in chips and cracks better than other resins.

William N. October 20, 2017 Have been using these products for over 20 years, 5 stars, still have my original kit!